14 January 2014

Keepsake Box No. 18 by Stilsucht

This is number 18 in a series of One-of-a-kind Keepsake Boxes designed for Fritz Hansen.

"Fran├žois Chambard has his UM Project as part of We Are Action Familia designed by Fritz Hansen, one of the 25 Keepsake Boxes. The small sideboard is made up partly from broken Arne Jacobsen chairs, which were unusually recycled in this way. But not only the Keepsake Box Number 18 is worth a look, and the other designs are worth seeing."

1 December 2013

Ceramic Dissecting by Beccy Ridsdel

These cups and plates are designed and made by Beccy Ridsdel, a York based Ceramicist. On the surface they appear to be your typical tableware, but where the surface has been peeled back you will find a vibrant floral pattern. When explaining the idea behind the designs, Beccy suggests that a 'surgeon' has been dissecting them to see what is within.

8 November 2013

Sugar Skull Spoon by HUNDRED MILLION

This amazing Sugar Skull Spoon by HUNDRED MILLION is a new project on Kickstarter. It gives a gentle reminder that sugar is evil each time you make a tea or coffee. This spoon is the perfect gift for those who need reminding to take a little less sugar in their drinks.