8 April 2012

Fresh Fat Chair by Tom Dixon

The Fresh Fat Chair shows what can be achieved with recyclable plastic. It challenges the preconception of plastic as a mass produced throwaway material, bringing awareness to plastic as a flexible, recyclable and unique design material. The use of plastic for this design creates an amazing look and the unique structure makes it much more interesting than a generic chair. Although people have reported this seat to be very uncomfortable, I think it's probably worth having it purely for the aesthetics. I love design that doesn't need colour to attract attention; it's great how this piece can use clear plastic and people appreciate it simply because of it's unique form.

The Fresh Fat Chair
 is woven by hand with one continuous piece of PETG; the manufacturer must work fast, because the plastic needs to be molten throughout to achieve the required shape- it takes around one hour to make each one.

See the Sparkling Chair by Marcel Wanders for Magis.- this chair also has the appeal of formed clear plastic.