3 April 2012

Knotted Chair by Marcel Wanders

Design by Marcel Wanders for Droog.
The knotted chair is an adaptation of macramé, a technique of knotting thread or cord to create a textile similar to coarse lace. The chair is a product of Droog's collaboration with the faculty of aviation at Delft Technical University in the investigation of new materials and fabrication techniques.Knotted Chair was the first project by Wanders to attract international interest, and the Italian furniture manufacturer Cappellini soon developed a prototype for production.
To make the chair, cords composed of aramid fibers twisted around a carbon core are knotted together by hand before being draped over a mold. The soft net is then infused with epoxy resin and dried to harden the textile and set the chair's shape. This process, termed Dry Tech, employs passive, low-energy techniques—saturating, molding, and drying—to achieve strength and stability of form. The resulting chair is lightweight, delicate, and intricately formed, yet is surprisingly sturdy, supportive, and durable. A marriage of high-technology materials with the methods of traditional craft, Knotted Chair confounds expectations of how a textile should perform; Wanders has created a surreal doll's chair for adults.