30 April 2012

Pouring Jug by Studio Job

Dutch-Belgian design duo Studio Job's 'pouring jug' is a gigantic bronze container with
'black crystals' being poured out of it. The piece is made from polished and patinated bronze
and measures 320 x 300 x 410 cm in size. originally developed in 2008, this bronze edition
was conceived in 2010. The form is very clever, as it is held up by the 'liquid' so the jug appears to be suspended in the air. It is also very interesting to have a shiny black crystal effect to make what should be a smoothly poured liquid into an unexpected geometric form. The book by Studio Job: The Book of Job is something I would recommend. It is fairly expensive, but we have a copy in our studio; it is full of their best work and is presented very nicely.