4 April 2012

'Rock Sospensione' by Diesel and Foscarini

Well known clothing company Diesel have teamed up with Italian lighting company Foscarini to create a surprisingly large range of designs. My highlight of the range is 'Rock'- the way the light reflects off the different faces gives it such an interesting 3D appearance. Being a Product Designer and also a fan of Diesel clothing, I was obviously excited to see this lamp in the Dezeen blog. Although I've got to say the article on the Dezeen blog is the opposite of straight forward- all you get on that particular article is a load of pretentious descriptions. Althought Diesel's description is slightly better:

"Like a volcanic rock that when it breaks apart reveals a jewel within, Rock is an interplay of surprises and contrasts. Mysterious and severe outside, diamond-bright and iridescent inside. Outside, the dark version is rough with a scattering of golden motes, whilst inside, it shimmers, smooth and mother of pearl-covered. The white version assumes a new personality to fit in with each different use, a precious stone that highlights in particular its asymmetric facets, evolved according to a casual logic. They refl ect the light’s rays in the internal surface as in a crystal, producing a surprising and unforgettable effect. This is an object that does not go unnoticed from any point of view."

The lamp is made of lacquered polycarbonate and is available in suspension and floor versions in brown and white. In its suspension version the light is focussed on the space below, while in the new floor version, with its surprising proportions, it allows you to direct the light beam, which can be used for reading or to project the light upwards or onto a wall.