28 April 2012

'Rock Chair' by Diesel for Moroso

The Rock Chair by Diesel reflects the same style as the 'Rock Sospensione' light I blogged about previously. It uses many different surfaces to create a brilliant appearance. The gloss finish assists the reflection of light and creates a 'precious' appearance, suitable for the inspirational theme. The seat is made with semi-rigid moulded polyurethane, whilst the feet are simple forms of painted wood.

"Inspired by the beautiful geometric structure of crystals and minerals which Nature creates in amazingly complex yet perfect formations, the Rock Chair combines the power and distinctive look of its sharp edges with the simple, ergonomic functionality of its seat. This design continues the theme seen in the 'Rock' lamps, and maintains their strong, iconic Diesel lifestyle look."

Check out the White Rock Chair from the photos I took at the Milano Salone Internazionale.