4 April 2012

Spaghetti Bench by Pablo Reinoso

Design by Pablo Reinoso.

Pablo Reinoso’s new exhibition features three ordinary park benches – but with a twist. “I call these my spaghetti benches,” says Reinoso. Every other wooden slat appears to continue growing beyond the end of the bench. On the piece shown, the slats climb up the wall in a mass of wooden tendrils.

“I love working with the material. But it’s a slow process,” says Reinoso. “You can’t use a single piece of wood because the grain wouldn’t support the curves I need. Bending the wood is only realistic when you have lots of pieces the same shape. Here, I had to carve individual pieces then glue them and just keep repeating.” “An ordinary park bench takes about two days to make – for one person, the spaghetti bench takes two months,” he says. “But if I had the time, I could have gone on for a kilometre.”

You should also check out Reinoso’s “Huge Sudeley Bench” – a completely over the top extension of a metal bench.