3 April 2012

Sparkling Chair by Marcel Wanders for Magis

At the Salone Internazionale del Mobile last year Dutch designer Marcel Wanders presented a chair made by the same blow-moulding technique used to manufacture water bottles. It's brilliant how the legs unscrew and the chair can be easily be transported anywhere. Because of the blow moulding technique, it is extremely light weight whilst still keeping the required strength to hold a persons weight. The chair is very comfortable to sit on too- I have swapped it for my desk chair many times, because the smooth, nicely curved seat is very nice to sit on.

"The Sparkling chair is made out of PET and produced using the same blow molding technique commonly used for bottles of water. After blow molding the legs and seat, the hollow space is filled with high pressure air which creates very strong and structural components. With this technique the plastic usage is minimal and the total weight of the chair is only around 1kg. Finally the legs are screwed onto the shell. It's as easy as drinking a glass of water."