7 April 2012

Vase of Phases by Studio Dror

Studio Dror took what they called the 'perfect form and proportions' of a vase and broke it in three different places. To manufacture it they filled the vase with silicone, which then allowed them to crack the body without it falling into pieces, just like an egg. The shape captures the moment in time where the vase has been smashed. Designer, Dror Benshitrit says he likes the vase with flowers to show that its still a useful product; even though it has broken, it has come back to life and is still able to serve its purpose.

"The Vase of Phases embodies the beauty of experience. Three vases were smashed in three different ways, and then pieced back together, creating a reflection of Dror's ideas on purity, damage, and transformation. Manufactured by Rosenthal, they are the winner of the IF Product Design Award 2006 as well as part of the permanent collection of the “Staatliches Museum für Angewante Kunst” in Munich Germany, and the “Eretz Israel Museum” in Tel Aviv, Israel."