15 April 2012

War Horse by Rachel Denny

'War Horse' was designed and hand made by Rachel Denny. It is made by nailing old pennies onto a polyurethane shell and took over five months to finish. The final result is brilliant- many different shades of copper build up to make a very nice looking surface. The following is a quote from Rachel Denny, when talking about the 'War Horse':

"That piece took a little over five months to create and quite a bit of patience. It started as rigid polyurethane with a steel frame inside and wood supports with a covering of tar to seal the foam and prevent any UV damage. Then it was a process of taking thousands of pennies to the railroad tracks and laying them down, going for a hike and returning to pick them up. I had to hand-drill each penny and applied each one with copper nails and a marine-grade adhesive. I was thrilled when it was completed and I could hang it on the studio wall to see the final result."