8 May 2012

Animal Chairs by Maximo Riera

This animal chairs by Maximo Riera are probably some of the strangest designs I've seen. It's obvious why they caught my attention, but what I find most interesting is Maximo's attitude to design. Anyone who practises Product Design should read the following:

"I'm alarmed by the established rules, normality and standards which produce the mediocrity so often mistaken for success in our society. We are not the ones who decide whether this or that is good, beautiful, bad or ugly, but rather these decisions are forced upon us through a value system which appears deftly indisputable. Rebel, and decide for yourself, even though your path is blocked by millions of people who have been uniformly convinced of an opposing idea. Take your own decisions, and prudently defend your decisions only for as long as your misguided opponent merits.
I do not claim to be from any school of thought or style, neither do I claim to have any technique- I only want to express myself with my artwork. I do not want anyone to like what I do, because my work only reflects my own tastes, and even then it doesn't always succeed. I am familiar with the work of many other artists, and I know that in my work their voices can be heard, just as it can be heard in their own. However, this just suits me, and should not be proposed as a useless norm or standard for anyone else."

More photos of his work below: