16 October 2013

Panajachel Ceiling Lamp by Iris Design Studio

The Panajachel Ceiling Lamp by Iris Design Studio is a great example of simple yet pleasing design- although it has a generic form, the little birds on the sides of the shade add the perfect amount of detail. But what was the motivation? Read the statement below from the designer herself:

"For this special design, Iris borrowed her golden birds from the Antigua bar fixture, decorating a space with golden birds is a fetish, an obsession of many, and this design is a glance of Iris's personal taste. This design is a type of artificial nature, bright and clear, it consists of a set of sculptures, designed for the private or the commercial space. During daylight the birds will create a bright, natural ambiance  and at nighttime the lamps embedded in the feature will provide the needed illumination. Panajachel is located on the footsteps of Lake Atitlan, a place of majesty and natural wonders; it is a meeting place for weary travelers and serves as an industrial complex by nature of its volcanoes. Iris's golden birds are the end product inspired by the simple perfection of this region."

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